Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wild Graphic Tanks

I recently worked on a tie-dye graphic shirt project for Rit Dye. I ended up with 6 designs but only needed 2. I loved all the designs so I am slowly using all of them on various projects.

I have a good blogger friend who volunteered to edit my wordier posts. As a thank you I created these shirts for 2 of his daughters. I let them pick the design and colors they liked best.

I bought 2 tanks from Walmart. You can't beat the $4.00 price! I ordered the Sunrise Heat Transfer Vinyl Pack from Expressions Vinyl. From there I used the Pink and Hibiscus colors. I also used Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl in Black.

First, I inserted a piece of cardboard into the tank to stretch the shirts out as if it was being worn. Next, I measured the area the graphic would be placed.

Since I had pre-designed the graphic, I needed to resize the images of the graphic and text to fit the shirts. In this case, 11x11.

Next, I moved the arrows off of the cutting area. Then I offset the text and removed the inner line of text. I did this to widen the font. IMPORTANT: You need to reverse the image if it contains text.

Next, I placed the pink vinyl (shiny side down!!) on my cutting mat. I ended up having to set my blade to 9 and cut 3 times to get a clean cut all the way through the vinyl. My blade may be getting dull... I repeated this process using the hibiscus vinyl then cut the sheet around the text and weeded away the extra leaving only letters.

Next, I removed the text from the cutting area and added the arrows back in. I duplicated the set to cut all the arrows in one cut. I cut the black vinyl using the process above.

Finally, I arranged the pieces shiny side up and ironed each piece of the graphic starting from the middle with the text. I used a hot, dry iron and pressed firmly, moving the iron back and forth over the vinyl until I was able to peel the clear film up.

The finished products:

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  1. Fun and perfect for summer! Love the colors you picked!

    1. Thanks! I want to make some for myself now!

  2. Better than anything you would find in the stores! I love how they turned out!

  3. Hi your tank tops that you decorated came out so cute!

  4. I love this! How adorable... and so easy! PS Stopping by from Eli's blog. Your answer was #1! The best :)


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