Monday, June 16, 2014

Kids Craft: Red, White, & Blue Flower Headband

One of my favorite things to do with my nieces is crafts. It's a love we have in common and a special way to bond. We had a craft day while I was home visiting for Father's Day and made these adorable Red, White, & Blue Felt Flower Headbands.

As always, I try to keep my projects budget-friendly. We were able to make 4 headbands for less than $10.

1 sheet each of red, white, and blue felt (only .29 cents at Michael's!!)
Clear Gemstones
Elastic Headband
Craft Glue
White Foam Sheet (Optional)

First, cut 3 circles out of each color felt. You can trace a circle or freehand, precision isn't essential here. We varied the size of each circle.

Next, cut the circle into a spiral.

Working from the center, wrap the felt around in a circle, spiraling out and gluing as you go.

Glue the end.

You will end up with a flower like this.

Glue a gem in the middle of each flower.

For this version, cut a circle out of the white foam and glue on the 3 flowers. Once dry, glue the foam to the headband.

For this version, glue the 2 smaller flowers on the largest flower. When dry, glue the large flower to the headband.

The girls had a lot of fun making these headbands. They were able to customize the flowers and the arrangement any way they wanted. And they are set for the 4th of July!!

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  1. What a cute idea. This would be a great craft for my daughter's next birthday party!

  2. I love this! You could do it with any color too - like with green and red for Christmas! Great idea! Susan

  3. These would come in handy for the World Cup, too. If the US make it to the knockout round, I'd even consider wearing one!

    1. If they do I'm sending you one and I want to see a photo!!!


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