Friday, June 6, 2014

Wrapped Bangle Bracelets

I have a lot of jewelry. It really borders on the ridiculous, but that never seems to stop me from buying more. I also have a love of color. I was searching through my jewelry chest looking for some colorful bracelets when I came across a large stack of thin metal bangles. Since I have about 30 of them I decided to change a few of them up and create something new.

These bangles are so easy to make. All I needed were bangles (you can use any size and type), embroidery thread (which I already had in my stash from Michael's), and craft glue. And of course a good movie to watch while you make them!

First I cut a fairly long length of thread and tied it around a bangle using a simple double-knot. 

Then, keeping one finger on the wrapped section to hold it tight, I wrapped the thread around the bracelet. Once the bracelet was completely wrapped, I tied another double knot and added a drop of glue to keep the knot tied and tight. 

I'm going to make more this weekend so I have one of every color.


  1. I have quite a few tarnished, ugly bangle bracelets
    What a great idea to give them an update
    Have a great weekend

  2. Such a great idea to update some pieces you might not wear all that often - happy friday! XO, D

  3. You can NEVER has too much jewelry! Love the colors you picked for this project. Have a great weekend :)


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