Friday, May 30, 2014

No-Sew T-Shirt Necklace and Pin

Clutter. I can't stand it! My house is fairly clutter-free except in two areas: My shoes and my craft supplies. The shoes? There's no help for that. I am a woman who loves her shoes! 

The crafts? That I can tackle. While I organized, I noticed how many scraps of this and that I had around. I hated the thought of throwing them away so I found a way to use them instead.

To make the necklace I used a t-shirt. I laid it flat, then folded it in half longways. This made it easier to cut strips across the trunk section of the shirt. I continued to cut strips all the way up to the sleeves. I didn't worry about making even, clean cuts since the edges would not show in the end.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tie-Dyed Graphic Tees

Summer is here and that means it's time for cool and comfy clothing. But this doesn't mean you have to do without style. Tie-Dye is everywhere in stores and online but the prices can be outrageous.

I decided to make a couple t-shirts myself. This way I could customize the entire process from the color of the shirt and tie-dye method, all the way through to the design. And it was much more budget-friendly this way too!

To see the full tutorial, go to my Rit Studio page here.

**This post was sponsored by Rit Dye**

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Enjoying the Ride (and Photobombing)

Enjoy the ride. We hear that a lot, but what does it mean?

What is the ride? I see it as our journey through life. We maneuver through the twists and bumps along the path. For some, it's straight and even. For others, it's a roller coaster of ups and downs. For most, it's a combination.

But, do we enjoy it? Do we savor the journey? Do we appreciate our spot on the map right now, or do we crane our necks to see around the next turn?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Easy Burlap & Seashell Vase

It has been a busy May for me. I have traveled the last two weekends so I'm looking forward to a quiet long Memorial Day weekend at home. I have some cleaning and crafting planned and a lot of couch sitting and movie watching. I am ready to chill!

Since I'm already in chill mode I wanted to share this super-simple project. I love keeping fresh flowers in my house. They just make it feel happy and cheerful. I stopped by Publix on the way home and grabbed this simple bouquet.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dad, Daddy, Father, Pop - This is for you.

Dads, Daddies, Fathers, Pops. The names vary by country, region, or even decade. The men the names represent, however, are universal.

Not in occupation. Some are story-tellers; some work with their hands; some mold lives as teachers.

Not in recreation. Some coach sports; some create; some fish.

Not in life. Some are single-parents; some struggle just to make ends meet; some have the house with a white-picket fence and two-car garage.

Kendra's Miami Fashion Challenge - South Beach Day to Night

I was recently contacted by Kendra Thorton, a well-know travel expert, and asked to participate in her Miami Fashion Challenge. Here are a few words from Kendra about the challenge:

"I'm creating a fashion challenge for bloggers! I'm going with my husband to South Florida. We planned our vacation on gogobot, which helped us find the perfect hotel and gave us several ideas for where to go while we're exploring the area. I love South Beach. It looks like a paradise but with a lot of art, history, culture and of course, fashion. If you could help me pick out some outfits for my trip, I would be so grateful. These details provide a better idea of what we'll be getting into during our stay.
There are a variety of hotels in South Beach that looked absolutely stunning, but one really stood out to us. The Delano South Beach Hotel is known for its posh exterior and luxurious suites. From the plushly decorated rooms to thespa on the roof, I fell in love the moment I Saw this hotel and knew that it was the right place to spend our romantic getaway. My husband thought so too. He even splurged on a spa day for me at the hotel's spa Club Essentia.
I'm thrilled to be going to South Beach. I plan on getting some rest and relaxation at the beach and spa before heading out to explore all of the different parks and gourmet restaurants that are located right on the beach. While we are going around Miami, I would love some posh yet casual outfits that make me feel comfortable no matter what we're doing. We'll also spend a lot of time at the beach and maybe even take a boat out to visit some of the islands around the bay. I can't wait to see all of the fashion finds that you select. As a mother of three, I think my wardrobe needs a serious upgrade for this trip..."

I deciced to create an outfit for Kendra that would go from day to night. After all, a vacation should be about things being simple and easy! The day portion of the outfit is perfect for sightseeing and shopping, while the night portion is dinner and dancing ready.


South Beach Day to Night

Calypso St Barth blue dress

Nine West thong sandals

Dorothy Perkins black shoes

KOTUR clutch
$910 -

Accessorize beach bag

Gold jewelry
$40 -

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tiny Dancers, Twirlers, and Flower Cupcakes

Scene 1:
Molder niece's dance recital was today. My younger niece and other family members and friends filled the row. We waited for my niece to take the stage.

sat in a sea of moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, and friendsI knew when she stepped out on stage, everyone would disappear but her. I'd wait breathlessly through pirouettes and leaps. My heart would swell with each step of her dances.

She wouldn't see us, although her eyes would scan the audience. She knows we're there. That's enough.

 Scene 2:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Gold Leaf Seashell Wall Art

I recently discovered this liquid gold leaf at Michael's. All you have to do is paint in on. It dries super-quick and you have a completely different look with amazing shine.

For this project I used 4 wood frames, FolkArt craft paint in Sky Blue, Recollections Burlap Ribbon, Plaid Liquid Leaf in Gold, and assorted seashells.

First I painted the frames. I was going to add in another shade of blue but really fell in love with the beachy feel of the Sky Blue.

While the frames were drying, I used a stiff brush to paint the Liquid Leaf on the shells. It covered easily and quickly. It completely transformed the shells. I found this whole set of shells at CVS for only $2.00. A major score!

Next, I measured the burlap using the frame backing, cut it, and hot glued it to the white side of the cardboard. Then I inserted the backing into the frame.

Next, I glued a shell inside each frame. And finally, I glued the frames together.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Photo Display Board

I was recently invited to join the Rit Dyesigner Network. This was really exciting for me because it means I learn about the new products coming out more quickly and I'm able to experiment with them. It also means I get to share these fun and new products with you. Win-win!!

Rit Dye can be used for much more than just fabric. One of my favorite uses for it is as a stain for wood. It adds gorgeous color while still allowing the natural beauty of the wood grain to show through.

For this project I used a 12x12 pressed cardboard plaque, a 12x12 piece of glittered scrapbook paper, a scrolled laser-cut plaque, a tiny clothespin, Aqua Blue craft paint, and Kelly Green and Lemon Yellow Liquid Rit Dye. I always find the most beautiful paper from Michael's!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

A thought for the day

Just a thought for today about plans, dreams, challenges, happy surprises...

Friday, May 9, 2014

Easy Painted Picture Frame

My sister's birthday was last week. This weekend we're having a birthday for her. Along with some other surprises I decided to make her this sweet picture frame to remind her that she's not just my sister, she my best friend.

I bought an unfinished wood frame and 2 laser-cut embellishments from Michael's. I used gray and aqua crafts paints.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rit Dye Stained Jewelry Box

I saw a jewelry box very similar to this on several sites for around $60. When I saw this simple wooden hinged box at Michael's I knew it was the perfect opportunity to try to recreate it and try out Rit Dye as a stain.

My materials included the unfinished wooden box, Liquid Rit Dye in Aquamarine, metallic gold paint, black paint, a wood circle embellishment, a laser-cut scroll embellishment, and small wooden initial.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Easy Stenciled Burlap Place Mats

Still looking for a fun Mother's Day gift? These place mats are a quick and easy project that would make a perfect gift.

I found this laminated burlap a while back at Michael's. I knew it was a cool product but wasn't really sure what to use it for. Then I found one of their free project sheets with a tutorial for the place mats. I had to try it!

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