Friday, June 20, 2014

Painted Flag T-Shirt

I really wish I had a funny story or words of wisdom to add to this post. But I got nuthin'... SO you get boring old Cheryl. 

This flag shirt came together in less than an hour which is my favorite kind of project. I wasn't going for precision. I wanted it to have a bit of a worn, rustic look. Probably because I was watching Junk Gypsies while making it!!

Materials: Cotton T-shirt // Rit Color Perfect Dye // Painter's Tape // Foam Stars
All the materials except the dye came from Michael's.

First, I fit a piece of cardboard into the shirt so the dye would not soak through to the back. Then I taped off the star section with painter's tape and laid the stars out. They are adhesive foam stars but I didn't adhere them to the shirt.

Next, I used Enamel Blue Rit Color Perfect with the spray nozzle and sprayed in the taped off area. Then I carefully removed the stars and the tape.

Next, I taped off the stripes and used Apple Red Color Perfect dye with the brush to paint on the stripes. 

After the shirt was dry, I cut the hem off of each sleeve, rolled the sleeve up and tied the cut piece through the neck and sleeve to cinch it up.

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  1. T-shirts always look a little off on me, so I love the idea of how you worked the sleeves. I will have to try this!

    1. T-shirt always look boxy on me. This helps. And also makes it cooler and cuter!

  2. I like it. Really cute.

  3. This looks really easy and super cute! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks! It really was simple. My favorite kind of project!

  4. So cute! Love how it turned out and that is actual dye and not just that crappy puff paint nonsense. Thank you so much for linking up to the Merry Monday link party! Hope you come back next week! - Treana @

    1. Thanks Treana. I think the dye will definitely make it last through the years better :-)

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