Monday, June 9, 2014

Coffee Filter Flower Topiary

Having a craft blog is expensive! I try to keep all of my projects budget-friendly but, even so, it still takes a big chunk of change to post 3 projects a week. This is why I love projects like this topiary. The entire project cost less than $10 to make. Really, probably less than $5 considering I could make multiple topiaries with the materials.

To make the ball I used coffee filters, liquid Rit Dye in Scarlet, a paper lantern, hot glue, and a stapler. The coffee filters and stapler are from Dollar Tree; the lantern and glue are from Michael's; and the dye is c/o Rit Dye.

First, I dyed the filters. This is a super-easy process. I mixed 1/8 cup of liquid dye with 1 cup hot water in a small container. Next, I folded the filters into quarters and dip-dyed them. I did bunches of 10 or so and line-dried them in my shower overnight. I ended up using almost 150 filters.

To make the flowers I took 3 filters and folded them into quarters. Then I cut a scallop design into the edge and unfolded it. Next I grabbed the center into a small bunch and stapled it.

Next, I used my fingers to crimp and fold up each layer to make the petals.

To make the topiary, I simply hot-glued the flowers, making sure the coverage was even and full.

Finally, I set it on large pedestal. I think it's gorgeous!

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  1. So neat!! Wow, I wish I was crafty! This looks great .
    from link up, jess
    Please drop by,

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Its one of my favorite projects so far.

  3. I'm all for inexpensive projects! Love the color you picked!

  4. I love this! Pinning it. It's gorgeous!

  5. This is such a pretty alternative to flowers! Love how it turned out!

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