Friday, May 30, 2014

No-Sew T-Shirt Necklace and Pin

Clutter. I can't stand it! My house is fairly clutter-free except in two areas: My shoes and my craft supplies. The shoes? There's no help for that. I am a woman who loves her shoes! 

The crafts? That I can tackle. While I organized, I noticed how many scraps of this and that I had around. I hated the thought of throwing them away so I found a way to use them instead.

To make the necklace I used a t-shirt. I laid it flat, then folded it in half longways. This made it easier to cut strips across the trunk section of the shirt. I continued to cut strips all the way up to the sleeves. I didn't worry about making even, clean cuts since the edges would not show in the end.

Next, I grabbed the two ends of the strips and stretched them apart. This caused the edges to curl.

I wrapped a single strip around the two ends of the loops to hide the seams of the shirt.

For the flower I used a circle of felt and jute ribbon from Michael's.

I folded the end of the ribbon to a point and glued it in the middle of the felt.

Next, I twisted and wrapped the ribbon in a circle around the point, gluing along the way. I continued to twist and wrap until I had the size I wanted.

I glued the tail of the ribbon underneath the felt then trimmed the felt so that it didn't show around the flower. Then I hot glued a pin.

Finally, I attached the pin to the wrapped ends of the necklace.

This can also be worn as a scarf!

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  1. Great idea. You are very creative.

    1. Such a fun idea! I love how easy you make it look too!

    2. This one was definitely easy. That's what I hope poeple will take away from my blog. Anyone can do crafts!

  2. So cute! I love a no-sew DIY!

  3. This is awesome!! Going on my list of crafts to make at our church camp for teenage girls. Thanks for sharing!


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