Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rit Dye Stained Jewelry Box

I saw a jewelry box very similar to this on several sites for around $60. When I saw this simple wooden hinged box at Michael's I knew it was the perfect opportunity to try to recreate it and try out Rit Dye as a stain.

My materials included the unfinished wooden box, Liquid Rit Dye in Aquamarine, metallic gold paint, black paint, a wood circle embellishment, a laser-cut scroll embellishment, and small wooden initial.

First, I cleaned the box using a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris. Then I removed the front latch. Since the circle was going to cover where the latch had been, I didn't take the time to fill in the holes left by the screws.

Next, I mixed the Rit Dye with hot water to create the stain. I used about a cup of water to half a bottle of the dye. I really wanted a deep, rich color. Using a sponge brush, I painted on a coat of the stain over the entire surface of the box. After allowing it to partially dry, I painted on 5 more coats until I had the shade I wanted.

While the stain was drying I painted the wooden circle with several coats of metallic gold; and the medallion and initial black.

I allowed all the pieces to dry overnight then used hot glue to attach the medallion to the top of the box, the initial to the circle, and then the circle to the upper part of the lid. Finally, I used a clear spray lacquer to add a shiny finish to the box.

This project would make a great gift for Mother's Day or graduate.

Find this and many other great Rit Dye projects in the Rit Studio.

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  1. Love the color! I am always so amazed that you use Rit Dye on all of these projects. I never would have thought you could use the dye on wood. Great idea!

    1. Thanks! Rit is definitely for more than just fabric. There really are so many possibilities!

  2. Hey Cheryl.
    Beautiful work. Love the way it came out.
    I'm in the middle of building a guitar speaker cabinet and I picked up a bottle of brown Rit dye for the color. My concern is that it's pine which can get blotchy but I think your approach to numerous layers of color might be the way to go. Thanks for the idea!


    1. I'm so glad you found it helpful. And thank you!!


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