Friday, April 18, 2014

Last-minute Easter Decorations

What??!! Easter is THIS Sunday? Don't worry. I have some easy, last-minute decorations you can make using items you may already have around the house.

Bunny Silhouette:

Remember this Applique Bunny project? I still had the stencil I used to cut the felt. With a bright green chevron piece of cardstock layered underneath and a burlap canvas from the Spring Chicks project it's a quick and easy piece of artwork. I added a matching green polka-dot bow and it was perfect.

Easter Egg Bunnies:

Remember this Easter Chick Garland?  With the leftover eggs, pipe-cleaners, felt, and pom-poms; and a Sharpie you can make Egg Bunnies. Using the holes in the "skinny end" of the plastic egg insert a pipe cleaner to create the ears. In the "fat end" insert another pipe cleaner to create feet. Add a pom-pom tail, cut a pink felt triangle nose, and draw on a mouth and whiskers, and you can make a whole family of Easter Egg Bunnies.

Have a Happy Easter!!!

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  1. Great ideas! Love the bunny with the green chevron background. And those eggs are such a cute idea and a fun project for kids!

    1. Thanks! Amazing what you can do with leftovers!!

  2. You're a gal after my own last-minute heart!! Happy Easter!

  3. Sure like your last minute ideas. You are a super creative young lady. Look forward to your posts everyday. Happy Easter.

  4. The bunny silloette is adorable!


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