Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kid's Craft: Spring Chick

My nieces came to visit over the weekend and I wanted to have something fun for them to do. They are crafty like me so I decided to create a project they could make and take home with them.

Supplies: pink, yellow, white, green, and orange felt; burlap-covered canvas; craft glue, chick and letter templates to trace; and googley eyes. All of my supplies came from Michael's.

I found this Spring Chick template on the Silhouette Online Store site (on sale through April 20!!!). I was going to make it myself at some point but it was perfect for the girls' project.

First, I created templates for the chick and egg by using the Silhouette to cut them out of cardstock.

Next, I had the girls trace the chick on yellow felt and the egg on white felt; and cut them out. Then I cut a strip of green felt for them to cut slits into to make grass.

I again used the Silhouette to create a cardstock template to trace the word "Spring".  NOTE: I had them trace the word backwards so that any ink from the pen would end up on the back of the letter and not show.

Now they were ready to glue. I gave them burlap-covered canvases as a base and they layered the pieces and glued them on with craft glue. Next, was a beak cut from orange felt. I was going to cut black felt for the eyes but one of the girls suggested the googly eyes which worked out perfectly!

Finally, they glued on the word "Spring" at the top.

The cute chicks turned out adorable and the girls were so proud of the work they had done!!!  This was a perfect craft for kids.

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  1. How fun! We are hosting an Easter egg hunt this weekend, so I might have to try this as a craft for the kids!

    1. Yay!! It's super budget-friendly too. The felt was only $.29 each and the canvases were $4 for 3.

    2. You could also use foam. That might be easier to cut if you have really young ones.

  2. Those are totally adorable Cheryl!!

  3. Will you please move to my town and host craft classes? I love everything you make!! susan

    1. Thanks!! Wouldn't that be fun! We'd never get any real work done ever again!! You would have to teach me to sew though...


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