Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Hit and a Miss

Do you want the good news or bad news first? I'm going to give you the bad...

 I bought this beautiful dress. I LOVE IT!! But it just was the tiniest bit too snug in the shoulders. I thought about keeping it as a goal dress but decided to just return it. There will other fabulous dresses right?? Right??!!!! This one was a miss. (The photo really doesn't do it justice)

On to the good news! These shoes... I mean, do I even need words? Here are a few: gorgeous, sexy, fun, colorful, perfection. Need I say more? Obviously these are a hit.

Dress and Shoes: Merona via Target


  1. I have a pair of shoes similar to those in style and color
    I absolutely love them and have almost worn them out
    I know you will do the same with yours

  2. Bummer about the dress, these shoes are stunning though!

  3. Oh my sweet bows! Those shoes are amazing. I wonder if Target still carries them? So frustrating about the dress, I had to pass on a beautiful dress too this week all because the sleeve was just ever so slightly tight. I stood in the dressing room forever & was trying to convince myself it could work, but I am happy I left it behind, regardless of the great deal it was.


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