Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tried it Tuesday: Snowman & Glittered Clothespin Garland

Today I'm starting a new series called Tried it Tuesday where I will share recipes and DIY/Crafts I make. I love being crafty and the holidays are the perfect time to go a little wild with it.

 I was browsing Pinterest and found this Clothespin Snowman idea. They are so adorable! Before I clicked down to the source, I started to think of how I could use them and came up with stringing them on brown twine to hold Christmas cards. (Great minds think alike because she suggested the same thing!!) After seeing her example, I decided to also make some glittered clothespins for some added sparkle. I made a run to Michaels for supplies and... Voila! A super-cute garland for my house. I think it turned out great!!


Step 1: I spray-painted all the clothespins white, making sure I got the front, back and sides.

Step 2: I used a small brush to paint the grooved part of the clothespin black to make the hat.

Step 3: I used a cotton swab with the cotton removed on one end to stamp the eyes with black paint.

Step 4: I used a small brush to draw on the carrot nose with orange paint.
Step 5: I used the cotton swab again to stamp the mouth and buttons.
Step 6: I made red-ribbon scarves and glued them on using tacky glue.
Step 7: I covered another set of clothespins with tacky glue on one side and covered in glitter.

Step 8: After everything was dry, I clipped the pins onto twine and pinned the cards.
Supply List:
  • Clothespins
  • White spray paint
  • Black & orange craft
  • Red ribbon
  • Glitter
  • Tacky glue
  • Twine

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  1. So cute! I hung up my Christmas cards last year from DIY glittered clothespins and I love how they looked. I found your blog through Two Birds, and was drawn in by the name (my blog is Ginger Snaps) :) Hope you have a great day!

    1. My dream is to have a photography business called Ginger Snaps one day... So glad you stopped by! Hope you have a great day too!

  2. Cute! My son would love to help make these!

    1. It was fun. I was just looking at it and thinking sequins for the button would be fun too. Even more sparkle.

  3. These are just too cute! I love them and I love the new Tried It Tuesday feature. Pinned!

  4. What a great way to display your cards. Love the idea of your Tried it Tuesdays too. I look forward to all your craftiness!


  5. This is absolutely adorable and what a fun way to display your cards! Great job and thanks for linking up with Pinned It and Did It!

  6. What a great craft. This is something that I can do with my daughter. She'd love it.

    Tracy @ Its Mostly About Fashion

    1. Yes!! I love doing this kind of thing with my nieces.

  7. these are so adorable! what a cute idea!


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