Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Jeweled Belts

Thursdays on the blog are going to be devoted to being thrifty. Money saving DIYs, crafts, tips, etc.

To start the series off I decided to create 2 DIY jeweled belts. We all need a little something sparkly and special to pump up an outfit for the holidays. It's even better when you have everything you need to make it!!

I am a bit of a jewelry freak. I have tons of it and that is not an exaggeration! A year or so ago I bought some gemstone brooches from a local boutique. I wasn't quite sure how I would wear them but figured they would come in handy. Well I have worn them exactly 0 times... until now!

  • Belts - I used a wide, stretchy one for version 1 and a skinny one for version 2
  • Brooch Pins -  any type will work.

Version 1: A wide stretch belt

I chose to create a cluster with 4 brooches but the options are endless really. You could line multiple ones up in a row, use one big brooch, create a square "buckle" shape, or cluster different shapes and sizes... Just use your imagination and you can have a different look every time.

My belt has a metal clasp so I twisted it around to be in the back instead of the front. I simply pinned the brooches in a cluster in the middle of the belt.

Version 2: A narrow skinny belt

For this version I decided to use 3 of the brooches lined up in a row. I again turned the belt so the buckle would be at my back, then pinned each brooch around the belt as shown below.

What I love about this project is that it doesn't ruin the belts or pins. I can take them apart and wear them separately or change them up any way I want. And it only takes minutes!!


  1. These both came out SO pretty! What an easy and fun DIY!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. This is such a fun idea! I love how it turns out.

  3. You have just BLOWN MY MIND! As Kramer would say. Such a cool alternative to these very expensive belts I am always admiring.


    1. Haha! Well I can't wait to see one you make

  4. Awesome idea! A great way to perk up an outfit!


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