Friday, February 7, 2014

Easy Valentine Decorations

I'm getting close to the big reveal of my Valentine's Day Vignette. Today I'm sharing the "filler" pieces. These are not major projects I did but are just as important.

Love Birds

These started out as 2 ordinary Dollar Tree knick-knacks. I was needing something small to tie in with the white frame and buttons in the DIY Button Heart Collage; and the white in the DIY Love Sign so I decided to spray paint the birds white. Since there were so many nooks and crannies it took several coats (and a lot of patience) but I finally got them evenly covered.

Conversation Heart Votive

Can this even really be considered a project??!! I'm going to say yes. There are all levels of them right? I simply filled a large votive holder from Michael's with fun conversation heart candy to add some whimsy and color.

Gold-framed Peony Photo

This piece is pretty special!!! My friend, Jacki, gave me this gorgeous photo for Christmas. I love the quote and the romantic, ethereal quality it has. She is super-talented so make sure you stop by her shop on Etsy, Raising Mavericks, and stop by her Facebook page to say hi.

For the frame, I again pulled out the spray paint from Michael's (the same I used on the DIY Love Sign letters).


  1. I love the conversation hearts votive! But in my house, my hubby would just wind up eating them all and there would be no decoration left, haha. :)

    The Tiny Heart

    1. ha! That is a dilemma!! I was fighting off my dogs when I was taking this photo. I had it all set up on the floor.

  2. These are all so beautiful! I wish I liked the taste of conversation hearts, I think they are so happy and cute but I've never liked eating them, definitely perfect for decorating though!

    1. Yes! I don't like them either normally, but I found some by Sweetart... They are pretty good actually. But I'll admit, I keep slipping them to my dogs as treats.

  3. I love taking tacky ceramic figurines and painting them white
    It ups the chic factor by 1000%

  4. i love the conversation heart votive, its a cute valentine's treat! I think ill get one for the house! i cant wait to see the whole project!

    Delightful Ideas
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    1. I can't wait to show it. I think it turned out really nice. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love all these fun projects! I don't decorate at all for Valentine's Day, but these projects looks so fun and easy!


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