Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shop your Closet challenge - Day 4: Free Day/ You win some, you lose some

Today's challenge was sort of a free day. Our assignment was to look through our closet, find a piece that we love but seldom wear, and create an outfit around it using the Outfit Formula. As a reminder the Outfit Formula is as follows:

  • A Basic
  • An Item of Interest
  • A Finishing Piece
  • Accessories

  • I chose this cream sweater I bought a couple years ago. It's such a cute sweater with fun texture and shine with a silver threading running through it. But I just haven't been able to make it work with anything. And guess what... I still wasn't able to. I hate the way the outfit looks on me. The jeans look funny rolled as I have them, the sweater is not falling right, and I see a fat roll.

    I REALLY didn't want to share this photo but I try to share the real me which means the failures with the successes. You win some, you lose some!!

    What would you change about what I chose? Is it time to give up on the sweater or do you have a suggestion for it?

    Sweater: (old) via New Yoek & Co // Jeans: via Old Navy // Booties: via Catos // Necklace: via a local boutique


    1. I don't think the jeans look weird the way you have them, but I'm not 100% convinced on the sweater. It just doesn't appear to be laying properly. I think you could find a great alternative with something a bit slouchier! Good luck! xx

      1. I think it's time to give the sweater up :-)

    2. The jeans look totally fine rolled the way you have them with the booties. The sweater could probably go. It looks like it may be too short in the underarm area. Why keep something that's just okay when you can find something similar that is amazing? Also, I like when bloggers keep things real. We all win some and we all lose some. So thanks for keeping it real even if you didn't want to post this photo!

      1. I think it's time... I'll donate it to someone who can actually use it.

        And yes, I hate this photo... the outfit and the way I look in it. :-)

    3. I'm a big fan of keeping it simple! The cuffed jeans look awesome with booties. This sweater would look cute with some black skinny jeans since it has a slouchier fit.

      1. Thanks! I don't have black skinnies yet but I will after I do some Black Friday shopping!

    4. I think the fit of the sweater just isn't the greatest. Might be time to part with it if you've tried wearing it a bunch of different ways and you still don't love it.

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