Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pottery Barn Inpired Easter Eggs

When I saw these Pottery Barn Easter Eggs I knew I had to make them. Now, at $20, they are a great deal but I can never resist the challenge of re-creating something I love.

I am making a Spring Wreath and decided these eggs would be the perfect accent for it. Of course, I have to put my own spin on things! I used real eggs, blown out, and I dyed them using RIT Dye.

The idea to use RIT Dye came late one night when I was trying to fall asleep. Does that happen to anyone else? I found a post from the RIT Dye blog that included custom color recipes (how beautiful are they??!!) I had such a hard time deciding on a color. I finally went with Aquamarine because it would really pop against the colors of the wreath and the lettering would show well on it.

I poked a tiny hole in the top and a slightly larger hole in the bottom using a nail. Then I gently broke up the yolk using a skewer and blew it out.

While they were dyeing and then drying, I created the letters using my Silhouette Cameo. I did a test cut for one letter on paper to make sure I was happy with the size. Then I cut the letters out of black adhesive vinyl.

Finally, I applied the letters and attached the eggs to the twine loops using hot glue. (I decided to use the twine loops after I had taken the materials photo)

On Friday, I will show you how I displayed the eggs on the Spring Wreath.

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  1. I love this. I don't decorate for Easter usually, but now I think I might have to!

    1. You could do a Spring version and keep it up past the holiday :-)

  2. This is so cool! What a great decoration!

  3. They are really cool. Love it.

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  5. Yikes, $20? Yours are much more cheery and I love that you used real eggs = brilliant!! What a great knock off, Cheryl! (:

  6. This came out so cute! I love the blue you chose!

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    $520 Giveaway!

    1. Thanks! I'm definitely using RIT Dye for eggs from now on. The color is so rich!

  7. SOOOO CUTE!!!!! Yes, I had to use capital letters!

  8. These are totally fabulous!! I just saw them in the PB catalog and yours are even better! Way to go crafty lady! Susan

  9. I love the shade of blue these eggs turned out to have
    I remember blowing eggs a long time ago, seems like it was hard to do
    I can't wait to see your wreath!!

  10. I really love the color you chose! these eggs look simply stunning!
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    $200 Gift Card Giveaway!

  11. Love the step by step photos! And the color is so vibrant and fun. Can't wait to see the spring wreath!

  12. So adorable, I love the shade of blue that you picked! This is my favorite one out of the 3 Easter ideas you submitted at my Link Party <3 !

  13. Just dropping by to let you know that your tutorial for the Pottery Barn Inspired Eggs was featured in my special round up post after last week's Link Party :)


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