Monday, December 9, 2013

Casual Leopard

Cardigan: (old) via Target // Blouse: via Ross // Jeans: (old) via Old Navy // Shoes: (old) New York & Company // Necklace: via Beall's Outlet
I've been trying to put together more casual outfits lately. They are not my forte. I do much better with work outfits and dressy looks. I think this one turned out fairly well. I like the mix of leopard and teal.
The Breakdown:
Cardigan: Target, $12
Blouse: Ross, $8
Jeans: Old Navy, $28
Shoes: New York & Company, $15
Necklace: Beall's Outlet, $7
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  1. This turned out great! For a long time casual looks we're not my forte either, now after som trial and error I think I've nailed down my casual style :)

  2. I hear ya. I always start off with the concept of going casual, then I start adding and then oh this would look better with heels. Before I know it I have dressed up too much. Love the leopard and I think I have those same shoes!


    1. Thanks! Obviously I have great taste then right?? haha

  3. Great casual outfit! We all get in our comfort zone and challenging ourselves is fun!

  4. Love the outfit it definately is a successful casual look. Plus I'm a HUGE fan of anything cheetah.

  5. well you did pretty well with casual, i think! i love the mix of leopard and teal!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! I wasn't too sure about it but I think it works.

  7. I love how the leopard print looks against that bright cardi! I tend to gravitate towards more casual looks...we are the opposite, haha!

    The Tiny Heart

    1. I think I'm just a big skirt and dress fan...


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